St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church serves the East Coast resort of Mablethorpe and surrounding towns and villages along the Lincolnshire coastline As well as its local congregation, our church welcomes holidaymakers who visit the area in the summer months.

The Parochial Administrator is the Canon Andrew Cole VF 

Safeguarding Officer Mrs Julie Rock Mob:07984 888343

Health & Safety Officer Terry Travers



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The Right Reverend Patrick Joseph McKinney
Bishop of Nottingham's

Pastoral Letter on the Mass and the Eucharist

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Bishops Letter

Continental Stage Consultation

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Continental Document


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T H E  N O T T I N G H A M  D I O C E S   A N D  C A T H O L I C  Y O U T H  S E R V I C E
P R O V I D E S  O P P O R T U N I T I E S  F O R  Y O U N G  P E O P L E  T O 
D I S C O V E R  C O M M U N I T Y,  
C O M E  T O  A  F R I E N D S H I P
W I T H  C H R I S T  A N D  A  D E E P E R  A W A R E N E S S  O F
T H E M S E L V E S .

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Covid Guidelines that apply across England & Wales

All over 16’s to have 2 jabs + booster where possible.

If symptomatic – Stay away.

End to social distancing but wear a face mask in church if you feel vulnerable.

Continue good ventilation.

Use of Hymn Books, Missals etc., allowed again.

Holy Water Stoops allowed again. Change water weekly.

Sign of Peace allowed again.

Clergy to sanitise hands prior to distribution of Holy Communion.

Holy Communion to continue in One Kind.

Singing may resume fully.

Offertory Procession allowed.

Resume social activities, e.g. Tea/Coffee after Mass.



Synod 2021/2023 Meetings

The first of our parish meetings was held on Tuesday 2nd November at 3pm at St. Joseph’s. It coincided with the parish AGM. Further meetings will be held to discuss questions put to us by the Holy See. Those unable to join our parish meetings can submit their responses to the parish questions online by visiting  and clicking on ‘HAVE YOUR SAY’. The information submitted will feed into our own parish reflections. This form can also be used by those on the margins of the Church or who are not a Catholic. We are invited to ask those furthest away from our community to be involved so I encourage you to share this with friends and family. Scan the QR code to go directly to the form.



                                       Seek the face of Christ                               

                     By Order of the Bishop, the following statement is to be published                 
on the weekends in February and October each year
Revised 29th August 2020


Marriage is a lifelong vocation of a man and a woman to a community of life and love open to children, and, between the baptism, it is a Sacrament. Aware of the many pressures today which can endanger family life, the Church is constantly concerned to make sure that those of you planning to marry are prepared as well as possible. We would like to remind those who wish to marry of the following.


1. it is important that a couple go to see their priest in good time before the wedding. Normally at least six months' notice be given

2. Marriage preparation is carried out by the priest, often assisted by a group from the parish.
courses arranged on a Deanery basis are recommended.

3. Catholics are reminded of their obligation to preserve their faith and to do all they can within the unity of their partnership to have all their children baptised and brought up in the faith and practice of the Catholic Church.

4. Non-Catholic partners will be informed of this promise, but they are not asked to make this or any similar promise.

5. Dispensation for a marriage between Catholic and a non-Catholic to take place in a non-Catholic church can only be granted for a serious reason. Couples who wish to marry in a non-Catholic church
should discuss this matter with their priest in good time before their wedding day to see whether a dispensation could be granted.

All couples marrying these days need the support of the local Church. In this way they will be strengthened in their preparation for marriage, in celebrating their marriage,
and in living out their covenant with one another.

We wish to thank all those married people who show such constancy and Fidelity to their vocation of marriage. May their example inspire those planning to marry in the Church.

Right Reverend Patrick McKinney
Bishop of Nottingham






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 Grief, bereavement and befriending


 An opportunity for Nottinghamshire parishes

Parishes in Nottinghamshire will soon be able to make use of new interactive workshops to equip them to support people facing loss and loneliness.  

Workshops on bereavement support will explore what grief is, how to best support someone and where they can find help in the county.  Practical help is also available to set up befriending projects with help from a scheme called Linking Lives.

The opportunities are offered by the ecumenical network Transforming Notts Together (TNT), thanks to a National Lottery grant, and is available to any Nottinghamshire parish wanting to respond creatively to loss and loneliness in their neighbourhood.


 New Vatican Guidelines on Parish Reform


The Vatican announced on Monday a new document on parish reform

The Pastoral Conversion of the Parish Community is available to pre-order now

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 The National Shrine of our Lady 



They will be shown at 10.30am and 4.00pm each day. 



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